Octagonal mixer for powder
  • Octagonal mixer for powder

Octagonal mixer for powder


This system is most suitable for a dry mix in which an active ingredient is present in a small amount relative to the amount of powder.

Typically a ratio of the order of 1: 100 can be effectively mixed.

The most common application of this type of mixer is the lubrication process in the tablet manufacturing field.

The shape of the mixer allows the powder to slide on the sides and mix well thanks to the very low operating speed.

The product is not damaged.

Principle of operation

This machine is essentially composed of a container that rotates around its own axis driven by a gearbox and a motor.

Loading and unloading are easy.

Models available from the capacity of 5 liters and up to 6000 liters. (Higher capacities on request)

A vacuum conveyor system is available as an option.

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