Bagging machine

Automatic and semi-automatic bagging machine

  • Our selection of industrial bagger machines makes it possible to put your products that are granular or in powder form in all types of bag. 
  • Bagging is an important step in the packaging of your products, indeed your bags allow you to both comply with the standards in force but also to promote your products.

Choosing the right bagging machine

To help you choose the most suitable bagging machine for your activity, it is important to confirm together the following parameters:
  • - bag size (width, height)
  • - mechanical rate
  • - type of solder
  • - material (s) of the bag
  • - presence and type of bag marking (bar code, lot number, etc ...)
  • - nature of the product to bag (especially if it is a question of whether it is a powdery product or
  • in the form of grains larger or smaller).
Bagging machines - MYM Machinery

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