Tablet press

Principle of operation

  • The tablet press is a machine used to compress a grain generally using 2 punches and a mold, giving it the desired characteristics in terms of shape, thickness and hardness. These machines require regular maintenance and punch checks.
  • Our selection of rotary presses covers all needs ranging from low speed to high speed, single layer or multilayer.
  • The tools are standard and the machines comply with the current GMP & FDA standards.

Important parameters

The criteria for determining which machine is best for your production are:
  • - Size of the tablets which influences the size of the punches
  • - The type of powder that influences the minimum pressure required
  • - The rate that influences the number of stations on the turntable
  • - The number of layers of the tablet
  • - The shape of the tablet that impacts directly on the mold shape of the tablet press


Tablet presses are used to manufacture drugs for the pharmaceutical industry

or food supplements.

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