Sieving machine


  • Chemical and cosmetic industry (resin, pigment, cosmetics, coatings)
  • Food industry (powdered sugar, starch, salt, rice noodles, milk powder, egg powder, sauce)
  • Metallurgy (copper powder, ore alloy powder, solder)
  • Pharmaceutical industry (all kinds of medicines)
  • Disposition of waste (used oil, used water, activated carbon)

What is it used for ?

  • Insulation of solid or powdery products of different grain sizes: our range of sieving machines
    can isolate up to 5 groups of different products with grids from 2 to 400 mesh
  • Insulation of liquids and solids
  • Isolation of impurities: allows to purify a product by separating the product from impurities
Sieving machine - MYM Machinery

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