Labeling machine

Why is labeling important ?

The labeling solution for your products is important for 2 reasons:
  1. It allows to comply with the norms in place and to establish a relation of trust with your customers
  2. It allows you to advertise your product and plays an important role in your marketing strategy
Our selection of automatic and semi-automatic labellers can cover all the labeling needs of our customers, for small, medium or large productions, but also for more or less complex label poses on bottles or flasks of standard or customized shape.

Important parameters

What are the parameters to consider when investing in a labeling machine ?
  1. The speed (how many products do I have to label each min / hour / day?)
  2. The size of my labels (especially the width)
  3. The size of the products I have to label
  4. The shape of my products and more specifically the surface I have to label (flat, concave, convex?)
  5. How many labels should I apply (one, two, one but all around the product?)
  6. The budget: rather a semi-automatic table labeler or an automatic labeler?
  7. The nature of my labels, paper or clear plastic? In the latter case a labeller equipped with an ultrasound cell is required to detect the label.
  8. Accuracy of the labeling
  9. Do I need a marking solution in addition to labeling (lot number, validity date, etc ...).
    Some of our machines can be equipped with hot marker, marker thermal printing or
    inkjet printer

If you are unsure of your choice or what you need, we we will gladly advise you.

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