V mixer for powder
  • V mixer for powder

V mixer for powder


It is formed by a cylindrical cut and welded at a careful angle, calculated to result in a perfect "V" shape.

The lower end of the chamber has a butterfly relief valve. Feeding and cleaning are done through other ends of the machine with closure covers. The working capacity of this type of mixer is 50% of its total volume.

This type of mixer is preferred for mixing products whose particles are of different density and size.

The product fed inside is treated by tumbling and sliding and falls by gravity. The result is a perfectly homogeneous mixture.

The mixing time is approximately 3 to 10 minutes (approximately) at most.

This mixer is available in the following capacities: 15 L, 50 L, 150 L, 200 L, 300 L, 600 L, 900 L, 1200 L, 1500 L and 2000 L

The characteristics given below are valid for the 600 Liters model. Do not hesitate to consult us for another model.

Technical specifications of the 600 L model

Manual feeding diameter 400 mm

Butterfly valve (quick opening) diameter 200 mm

Control cabinet On / off

Timer with phase stop for draining

Frequency inverter for setting the rotation speed from 0 to 10 revolutions / minute

Set mounted on stainless steel chassis

Motor Bonfiglioli type 2.5 Kw

Precautions for use

This powder mixer must be used in an enclosure which is not supplied

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